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Staff Directory

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Name Position Phone (423) E-mail
Susan Jennings Dean 697-2576 susan.jennings
Cathy Bell Assistant to Dean 697-2457 catherine.bell
Paul Johnson Technology 697-4715 paul.johnson
Bill Norman Technology 697-2573 bill.norman
Amy Campbell Educational IT 697-2667 amy.campbell
James Ballard Ed. IT Assistant 697-2577 james.ballard
Elisabeth Ferguson Public Services 697-2685 elisabeth.ferguson
Debora Ervin Circulation 697-2584 debora.ervin
Christen Robichaud Circulation 697-4448 christen.robichaud
Brittany Richardson Instruction 697-2623 brittany.richardson
Lori Warren Marketing 697-3292 lori.warren
Betsy Fronk Public Services 697-2579 betsy.fronk
Dwight Hunter Public Services 697-2640 dwight.hunter
Sandra Williford Public Services 697-2578 sandra.williford
Barbara Sorrow Library Assistant 697-4436  
Nancy Phillips Library Assistant    
Pam Temple Technical Services 697-3291 pamela.temple
Rosy Milburn Technical Services 697-2575 rosemary.milburn
Hilary Jones Technical Services 697-4701 hilary.jones