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Policy: Classrooms Use

Kolwyck Library and Information Commons (KLIC) Primary Purpose:

To facilitate library instruction defined as any session in which a librarian teaches a course integrated library session

  • which equips ChSCC students with information literacy skills
  • and introduces students to appropriate information.

As available and at the KLIC staff's discretion, classrooms may also be requested for Non-instruction workshops held by:

  • Non-instruction workshops held by ChSCC and open to Chattanooga State students, faculty, or staff.
  • ChSCC faculty and staff training and meetings.


KLIC Classroom Users have the Right to:

  • Use the classroom for the entire scheduled time.
  • Receive library staff's assistance when using available classroom technology.
  • Rearrange the mobile classroom's configuration


All classroom users have the Responsibility to
  • Follow the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Schedule classes or events during regular library hours.
  • Ensure a library staff member, course instructor, or designated trainer remains with students at all times.
  • Avoid use of food, drink, or tobacco products.

If you have any questions about KLIC classrooms and facilities, please contact us, 423-697-4448.