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SPAN 1002 & 1003: Medical Spanish: Assignment

Library Hours

Assignment Description

  • Working in a group of four, students will produce for the class
    • information on a chosen country,
    • an endemic disease or culturally-bound syndrome, and
    • an herbal remedy or treatment methodology that may be used to treat the disease problem.

  • Students should give
    • a brief country overview:  map, population, statistics, etc.
    • a description of the culture-bound syndrome or endemic disease and its symptoms.

  • Students should present
    • a maximum of 30 minutes, with each member having equal time;
    • visual aides, such as a power point, poster board, display, demonstration, or sample;
    • handouts for all class members, with country summary, disease, and herbal remedy or ritual.

  • Students may use an outline, but may not read the presentation.

  • Students will be graded on
    • Visual aides
    • Content / Research
    • Hand-out
    • Organization, group cohesion and presentation


Subject Guide

Elisabeth Ferguson


This guide is based on a guide created by Vicky Leather, former dean of our library.