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Essay Highlights


Choose a specific type of media  (TV show, specific website, specific magazine)
    -  or choose a genre of media (fashion magazines, celebrity news, etc.)

How does this media/genre frame the world?

What elements does the piece use to shape this world?
      -Consider aims & effects (audience, creator)



Use at least  3 ADDITIONAL RELIABLE OUTSIDE SOURCES to support your argument.

Use specific examples from the media of your choice.

Cite sources within the essay and on a "Works Cited" page.

    Some Questions to Ponder


    •    What things does this media use to get me interested?  Lots of pictures? Large text?  Type of music?
    •   Who is this media for May say upfront; consider the type of articles, photos used or not
    •   Who is/are the organization or authors writing for it?  This group or individuals may support certain point of view
    •   Agree or disagree with the media's viewpoint/perspective?  Why/why not ?

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