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MG 103: Company Project: Assignment

MG 103 Course Project


The project for this semester is to research a publicly traded company as related to the concepts we are learning during the semester.
 Information is to be collected and analyzed. 

The project applies the concepts from the course to a real company to determine its viability as an investment, a supplier, and an employer.  To do so, you first need to present your assumptions as to these recommendations, next provide research and analysis to validate/invalidate your assumptions, and finally draw conclusions and make final recommendations



The objectives for the project are to determine if the company should be:

  • Recommended or not as an investment,
  • Recommended or not as a supplier, that is should one purchase its products and/or services, and
  • Recommended or not as an employer

The culmination of the project will be a formal portfolio that presents the findings and analyses that support your conclusions as to the stated objectives of the project, along with a formal presentation
        Source:  MG 103 Course Project - Spring 2014

Check the Course Project Module in eLearn for details.

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