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ENGL 2630: Literature for Children (Ontog) : Assignment

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Scholarship Project and Presentation

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Please follow the below directions very carefully. 
Contact Ms. Ontog if you have questions.


For your project:


·         Using the library’s resources, find a good scholarly article or review based on one (1) of your novel experiences book choices.

·         Read this scholarly piece carefully.

·         Create a report of at least 600 words based on these sections and keep these sections in order:

  •       Scholarly Author
  •       Scholarly Title
  •       Date of the Scholarly source (i.e. original publication information)
  •       Database or resource used
  •      Summary of the scholarly piece (at least 50 words)
  •    Your novel’s awards and/or your author’s awards
  •    Evaluate your scholarly piece (i.e. Is it relevant? Do you agree with the scholar? What did you find enlightening?, etc.)
  •    Go to and look up how many libraries own a copy of your book. How many do? What does this reveal about your book?
  •  Thinking about censorship, find out if your book has been banned at any point. If so, for what reason(s)? Do you agree or disagree with this banning? (Make sure you include reasons for your decision!)


For your presentation:

  •  You will speak for at least 3-5 minutes
  • You need a visual to support your report (powerpoint, poster board, etc.)
  • Report on your project (i.e. your novel and the ideas related to censorship)
  • Focus more on the censorship aspect and how you would defend you book if it were challenged after you used it.
  • Be prepared to answer questions.
  • The above report sections should not be your presentation; for example, if you do a powerpoint presentation, it should not simply be your report in visual format. 


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