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DH 135: Dental Hygiene II (Mabe): Home

Chemical Abuse

Work as a team, with equal participation

10-15 minute presentation

Use at three sources:
    *One can be a textbook 
    *Two from peer-reviewed journal articles, medical or dental

Include citations in APA format

Enhance with pictures or graphs

(Source:  Paraphrased from "Instructions for Chemical Abuse Presentations" DH 135 - 2015)

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Find an overview of your substance

From the Health & Wellness Resouce Center database (see next tab):

Some topics to cover

  • use of substance/drug
  • street or commercial names
  • signs and symptoms
  • side effects
  • potential health consequences
    (long-term & short-term)
  • physical or behavioral symptoms
  • dental complications or implications, if any
  • patterns of abuse
  • withdrawal symptoms
  • reasons people abuse these drugs
  • personal consequences from using these substances
    (home, family, work, relationships, etc.)
  • available treatment options