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Veterinary Technology - ePortfolios: Introduction



An introduction, including tools and organization.

As discussed in class, an “e-Portfolio” will be a work-in-progress throughout your time in the Chattanooga State Veterinary Technology Program.  It is our hope that it will set you apart from other potential applicants as you apply for jobs, and that it will help your future employers get to know you before you actually meet. 

Add and enhance your e-Portfolio throughout the program as you gain your skills and experience. For the Fall 2010 semester, your assignment is to compose an e-Portfolio with the following contents:

1)     Front page (which will be based on a template)

2)     Personal Introduction

3)     Resume

4)     Professional Goals and Interests

5)     Work Experience

6)     Course Work

For this assignment, focus it as if you are trying to get into the Veterinary Technology Program all over again.   (introduce yourself like we’ve never met you before)  This can be built as just a PowerPoint for now (e.g. one PowerPoint slide for the front page, one page for the resume, etc.).  You will eventually learn to link the pages together, but this is not required for this assignment.  The “E-port” will be submitted via CD-ROM, along with a printed/hard copy (in black and white).  Here's an example of the Veterinary Technology Template for the e-Portfolio.

What goes in your e-Portfolio?  ANYTHING!  Yes, include anything that you do while you are here at the college that demonstrates to a potential employer that YOU are the person they want and NEED to hire.  Include any type of electronic file, including Word documents, PowerPoint files, scanned copies of tests or other projects, even video.  Just remember to pick things that show your best work -- this is your chance to stand out!!!

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