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Streaming Video Resources: American and World History

American History in Video

American History in Video

  • "Largest and richest collection of video available online for the study of American history"
  • 5,000+ titles
  • Commercial and governmental newsreels
  • Archival footage, public affairs footage, and important documentaries

World History in Video

World History in Video

  • Critically acclaimed documentaries
  • Human history through the late twentieth century
  • About 600 titles, with plans for 1,700 videos

Open Video from Library's Catalog

Since eLearn does not consistenly open library database links,
  one option is to use the catalog link.

  1. Select your video.
  2. Search for the title in the library's catalog.
  3. At the top of the page, locate the "Permanent link to this record." 
  4. Copy and paste the link as your video link in eLearn

 Once the direct link is completed:

  1. Students will select this link in your eLearn course. 
  2. The link will direct them to the catalog record.
  3. Students will then select "View this video online."
  4. Library password will be required to open the video if student is off-campus.

Create Direct Links

  1. Select "Embed/Link" (or "Stable URL") and copy the link that will appear.

    Screenshot of "embed link" location.

  2. Add the library prefix:



  3. Create a of this long link (eLearn will not accept the longer link).

    Go to website.  Paste your long database link into the box and "tiny!" it.


  4. Use this (short URL) within eLearn.

Send to Mobile Device

Note:  A mobile link lasts 48 hours.

  1. Select the mobile device icon above the video screen.
  2. Choose one of the "Send to mobile device" options.

Location of mobile device icon