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MG 202: International Business: Assignment

Weekly Research Topics

  • International supply chain management
  • International finance
  • International logistics
  • International trade
  • International human resources management
  • International compliance and safety regulation
  • Globalization (or Globalisation)

Assignment Outline

Weekly Evaluation Papers

(minimum 3 pages)

Apply the discussion questions, lecture materials and supplementary readings and research to answer the following three questions:

  1. How does the weekly topic relate to the success of an organization doing business internationally?
  2. What resources (money, human capital, inventory, relationships) must be applied by the organization to achieve success on the weekly topic?
  3. What aspect of your life experience (travel, schooling, family, etc.) helped you best understand the weekly topic as it relates to doing business internationally?


Final Reflection Paper

(minimum 10 pages)

Synthesis of information and analysis from answers to the following two questions:

  1. What common themes exist in the topics studied in the class?
  2. What common themes exist in your weekly reflection papers written for this class?

Subject Guide

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